What job boards does this AI application work with?

Currently we only support craigslist jobs, but will be adding additional job boards in the near future.

Why am I being charged $20, when the service is advertised at $5?

We charge $5 for our service, anything being charged above this amount is what the job board (craigslist) charges for your actual job posting.  Each city has different pricing ranging from $10 to $75 (see CL pricing list)

Is posting a job on Craigslist free?

Sorry, but the answer is no.  Craigslist has long been known for its ease of use, universality, and its unchanging free interface. Craigslist now charges a US-wide job posting fee, ranging from $10 to $75. 

Here is a list (updated on 1/1/2019) to out how much a Craigslist job post costs in your area costs. 

Will my contact information be posted on the job board or provided to applicants?

No, the contact information you enter is for our internal records only.  The only visible information on the job board is you company name (even that is an optional field).  If you are going to be doing in-person interviews you will need to provide the APPROVED applicant with meeting instructions such as meeting address  (via email).

Should I have phone interviews or in-person interviews?

That is completely up to you.  Most companies hiring for upper-level positions will conduct a pre-phone interview before a formal in-person interview.  However for more labor related positions,  in-person interviews tend to be the best option.  

Why do I have to select interview times now when creating my posting?

Remember this is a posting, screening and scheduling automation tool.  The whole point of the application is to get you qualified applicants to the interview.